Marketing Strategy

How does one determine the person in a title company who is authorized to hire LSA’s
I have read that sending an email introduction along with credentials is affective, but how to find that person in charge is my question.

You might try addressing the letter with "Attention: Vendor Manager" in the lower left hand corner of the envelope facia. I suspect your correspondence will have a better chance of reaching a decision-maker. I have used this method successfully.

Incidentally, my advice is to take your time and write a compelling letter, one that will get and hold the reader’s attention for 30 seconds or less. I have agonized over every word of the letters I write to help ensure that the introduction of services and my ability to deliver them is clear, concise and compelling. When you think you’re done, show the draft of your letter to a knowledgeable, professional person (business-owner, attorney, pastor), someone you trust for honest feedback and then, if necessary, incorporate their best ideas and re-write your letter until it is flawless. Not always easy to do, but so worth it. Read your letter aloud and time it. If it sounds not quite perfect, trust your ears - it probably isn’t perfect. Keep working on it. And if it takes over 30 seconds to read it out loud, it too long. Trust me.
You can do this :wink:


Thanks for sound advice!