Missing an Acknowledgement

I recently set up a signing for trust documents (I’m a notary but the trust docs were my family’s) and the notary missed signatures and completing an acknowledgment. She charged a travel fee and $ per acknowledgment totaling $200+. My parents are elderly and not able to travel. I’ve only done loan signings so I’m not sure if the notary should come back free of charge or do I have to pay again?

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If the notary failed to complete it …Absolutely she needs to come back and complete it free of charge as it was her error.

I treat my GNW clients the same way as I would my LSA clients… if it is my error then I fix it at my expense


Heyyyy honeybun!! I have a question, i am still trying to learn the lingo, but what does GNW mean? I know LSA means Loan Signing Agent.

GNW = General Notary Work, such as trusts, healthcare directives, wills, etc.

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Thank you Bobby!!! :revolving_hearts:

Penalizing clients by charging them to correct errors they made as a notary is really bad business. If the signature lines and acknowledgement weren’t there in the first place, then different story. But “missing” what was already there, they need to come back and fix it for free!

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