MO Closers LLC?

Got an email from them asking me to become one of their signing agents, but I can’t find anything on them good or bad. Anyone worked with them before?

Where are they located, city, state, zip and do you have a phone number for them?

Sorry for the delay. Here’s all the info I have for them (what was in their email siggy):

Sirena Gray
MO Closers, LLC
Ph # 636-486-2300
Fx # 844-269-8897

but I can’t find anything.

Did you ever find out about this company? I’ve been in communications with someone from MO Closers, but haven’t been able to find anything online about them, other than this forum.

I could never find anything on them either, so I left it alone. I think they were offering less than $50 for foreclosure inspections (I think, it’s been a minute), and it wasn’t worth it to me, especially since I couldn’t find any info on them.