Mobile fingerprinting in Virginia

I can not seem to find any information about ink fingerprinting in Virginia. I would like to know what is required as far as training and if certification is needed. Is Va an open, hybrid, or closed state and do you need any insurance?

I am also in VA and from what I have been able to ascertain, fingerprinting is no a notarial act but you can train for it. Looks like you can find more information at Fingerprint Technician Certification | NATACS

Ok I applied we will see how it goes. The NATACS sit seems to be for fingerprint technicians dealing with TSA, but I don’t see anything for general work. Thanks for the tip

Were you able to find out anything about starting in Virginia?

Hi I emailed the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office. They said since it is a non-Notarial task, they have no information and to contact the Virginia State Police. I emailed the Virginia State Police (VSP) and they basically said IDK, contact SOS… I believe, from watching YouTube University (lol), that as long as the prints are for non-criminal acts, that anyone can do it. So I am going to jump in.