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Has anyone done any signings for MV Realty out of Florida? I’ve gotten assignments for them through the signing services. It seems like they are offering homeowners a loan, which they say they don’t have to pay back, as long as they commit to using them (MV Realty) when they decide to sell their home. Seems a bit shady to me. Also, they won’t give me the homeowner’s tel. # to confirm. They call and confirm, then they let me know. It was only about 15 pages, but the homeowner wanted to read every page, and wasn’t sure what she was signing. I told her it was not my job to explain. That’s when I decided not to do the closing. Just seems to fishy. Any thoughts?

It is legal, but I guess a lot of people decide not to sign after reading the contract. And that’s probably the reason the co. doesn’t want you to call ahead of time. As it’s legal, if they pay full fee for no shows or no signs, I’d do them all day long–assuming they meet my fee, of course. :grinning:

It’s an interesting concept to guarantee them future listings, but it is for FORTY YEARS…and a lot can (& probably will happen) in 40 years!

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I have agreed to three signings and the process is the same as yours. However, they stated they would supply the Docs 2.5 hours before the signing. On all three occasions when it was two hours before the signing and I called the MV Agent to check on the docs I was informed the signings were cancelled. I will not work or trust MV Realty.

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I’m concerned that MV Realty has a crystal ball that no one else has access too. Unfortunately, there are people out there that will sign and drive!

Great comment. Thank you. Signing company pays for print and trip only. And the chance of no-sign seems to be considerable. Best.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Best!