My Mobile Closer - Non Payment - Notaries Beware

This company does not pay it’s notaries or respond to inquiries about payment. I did a signing for them 12/4/2020 with terms stated as NET 30. To date I have not been paid. I have inquired several times and get no response back. The emails you send get an automated response stating they will get back to you but they never do.

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Call their scheduling phone number and then ask for accounts payable. Document the phone calls. They maybe slow payers so you have to light a fire under them for payment.

Such a shame to even have to do that.n

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My Mobile Closer, Had a bad incident with an employee.
It was handled within the courts.
They do pay!
The best way to resolve your concerns is to call.
I was paid on time and doc came in fast.

Thanks for the information, but I still won’t work for them. You should not have to but that much effort into getting your payment.

Thanks for letting me know. A red flag was $125 for 20 page seller package. No one pays that amount, I had to check the out. Thank you!

I normally get paid this amount for Seller package.