N3 Notary - Anyone ever work for them before?

Good afternoon,

Anyone ever work for N3 Notary? are they reliable? I was contacted by them regarding a witnessing in my area.

They offered me a very low fee but I decided since I wasn’t signing anything it was okay.


Xecutive Signing

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I just noticed you have to go through $199 live course before you can work for them. Is this true? It comes across as a sales opportunity for them. It is my opinion that one should not have to go through their paid training if they are already trained as a signing agent.


They only pay $20.00 to witness I-9’s remember you don’t notarize them (I-9), really
simple assignments, they talk you thru filling out the forms it’ll take maybe 15mins. Pay is in 30days, ACH.

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Taking travel time into consideration, even that amount sounds pretty low. I don’t like the sound of having to take a $199 class either.

I have no knowledge on that aspect of the deal… I wouldn’t pay!!! Barely take the assignments… they are always so far away!!

slcaldwell201, it’s right there on their webpage and made me run the other way. :slight_smile:

With travel time, the signer running late etc, it’s not worth my time! My general rule is I do not leave the house for less than $40.

I have worked for them a couple of times. I didn’t have to take a class. The first time, I negotiated the fee up to $25. The second time was to pick up some docs. It was fairly far away and I asked for $35. Since no one else took the assignment, I got it.
You never know unless you ask! In general, I think the $20 is too low. The travel alone barely covers the fee.

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I wonder if they have people take the class now, though, because it’s right there on their website.

They offer very low fees. I took a job for them for a higher fee, had to drive an hour, when I got there I called signer to let her know I was there and signer said it was canceled. When I notified N3, they indicated they would not pay a print trip fee and indicated they sent an email 1/2 hr before. When I looked at my emails, nothing was received, besides the fact, I was on the highway, enroute when they supposedly said they sent it. They refused to pay. I informed them that I would not work with them again.

I sense something pretty fishy with them too.

I have accepted jobs from N3. Never had to take any training class, just register with them. They offer $20 for every job. I always counter with what my fee is…usually $45 per job. They usually keep trying to find someone who will take the low fee and call me at the last minute if they can’t find anyone.
Noone should accept the low fee. Notaries deserve to be paid a fair price and you should state a price and stick with it.
The jobs I did for them they paid me and the people I have talked to for various parts of the job or scheduling are nice and professional.
~PML Funding Co.

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They must have just started this 9-1 b/c I did an I-9 for them on 8/28 and have been wondering why I haven’t heard from them. Well now I know.

Their fees are way too low ($20). I have done a half-dozen or so jobs for them. However, they recently have started doing “electronic” I-9’s. They’ve always been a hassle and it got worse after they started doing the electronic version. After each one I said to myself I’d never do another one. When they called me yesterday or Thursday for one, I finally told them they were too difficult to work for and I declined. They asked if I would do them for a higher fee and I told them no to that as well.

They called me yesterday, offering me $20 for an I-9 signing. I countered with $50. They said they would get back to me if they could get it approved. Of course I didn’t hear back…didn’t expect to. These people are crazy. I don’t leave the house for less than $50.

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You mean that you have to pay the equivalent of 10 signings @ $20.00 each before you can earn your first $20 from them? Who in their right mind would do that?

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That’s the problem if they are finding Agent doing signings that they should be paying more than they assume it’s ok to low ball. Personally they call me and I tell them every time my start is but your payout is too low.

Just received a call from them and I gladly gave them some of my information. Unfortunately, $20.00 will not get me motivated to drive 30+ minutes away. I told them I never leave the office under $75.00.

I have worked with them in the past. They are cheap, cheap, cheap. I quit taking their assignments because their compensation is so low.

Ive done work for them for years. they pay on time, they are great. but with that said, the pay is low so if you just chalk them up as filler money, then you will not have any problems. I do I9s for them.

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