Nationwide Signing Services

I just wanted to say that I have had good experiences working with Nationwide Signing Services. They are a local company here in AZ, I have completed quite a few signings for them and they always pay on time. It does take 30 days to get paid the first time but after that on the 1st and 15th of each month I receive an e-check. Don’t freak out if you get one of those. My bank didn’t know what the heck it was at first, now they are fine with it. I have had several other companies pay that way now, and I think it’s the wave of the future if you don’t have direct deposit. But Nationwide is good about helping if there is a problem at the signing, there is no micromanaging and their online closing out process is easy.

I love working with Nationwide Signing Services. There fees are fair and they pay on time. I definitely like their customer service. Great company.

This is an excellent company to work for. I love the e-checks wish more companies would use them.

I have worked with them and they have always been professional, friendly and pay a reasonable fee. They are not low ballers.

I’ve had the same, positive experience with Nationwide and am always happy to receive work from them.

My original post is three years old. I can’t say what working for them is like recently. They stopped calling me about a year ago when I started to get pickier about the jobs, only taking ones that were close to me, or close to their drop location because we were also required to drive extra distances to deliver docs as well as doing the signing, all for $85 for refi and $50 for a seller.
I couldn’t justify the extra cost for the fee. That is just for local notaries though, not people out of state. They pay higher fees for out of state signings.

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