Need help expanding my business

Hello, I am not a new notary. I have been a signing agent for about 5 years and do about 5-10 closings a month. I have $100,000 of E&O and my NNA certification.
I recently moved to Colorado Springs from the mountain area, just west of Denver. I currently drive to Denver a couple of days a week. This takes 1 1/2, if the traffic cooperates. I would love to expand by business and not drive to Denver.
I am contracted with signing companies and do mostly refinances. I have one good financing company, that I accidently fell into, that provides me with a number of closings each month. As most of you know, the signing companies do not pay very well.
It seems logical that the refinance closings will slow down. I have done a number of purchases, sales and reverse mortgages. The housing industry is good here and I would love to do more purchases and sales. I have not had luck contacting title companies.
I would greatly appreciate any advice! Should I be contacting the financing companies or the title companies? We can communicate by this forum, email or phone. Whatever you feel more comfortable with.
By the way, I am new to this forum.

Hey Ellen! So what do you mean by expanding? Meaning you want to stay in a particular area or you want to work more on direct closings?

I am currently doing some direct closing for a couple of title companies.

That was a post from a few years ago. My business has increased quite a bit, but I am always looking for advice. I have about 1000 closings under my belt.

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Oh yea I see that now lol. Well I’ve been a notary since 2016 and I primarily work direct outside of the tax season. I don’t know everything but I’m willing to help in anyway I can.

Hello @elhamilton23, I hope you’re fine. When talking about expanding your business, do you mean expanding in the particular area or a different area. Kindly update so I could give you my personal advice.