Newbie questions

I’m just got my certification last week and have all my supplies but I am having trouble marketing on signing platforms to get signings. Any tips on what singing companies are looking for or what attracts them to new signers? Also how do you get copies e/o insurance and bond?

Hello Acoutain,
Register with SnapDocs. It’s free and most TC and SS use this platform to assign jobs. Depending what state u r in, your bond will be mailed back to you in about 30 days after filing. I usually make a copy of the bond prior to filing. I then will post the official copy after I receive it back. You should be also getting an E and O certificate in the mail after purchasing, then u can post it on any website. Good luck!


Snapdocs is good starting point for newbies, as mentioned by @chrisparreira_mobile I got my E&O via National Notary Association, but my state doesn’t require bond, so I omitted it.
Be patient, read the forums (very helpful) and good luck :+1:

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