Notarize 247

Is anyone experiencing delays with payments from


They take exactly Net30 days to send you a check in the mail.

I’m at 38 days with no check.

I emailed someone named Jennifer. She responded saying payments are mailed 45 days after a signing.

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Did you receive your pay?

I received 1 payment so far from a Nov 6th signing. Still waiting for additional payments.


I am waiting on a payment, too! I did a signing with them on Dec 1st.

Yes. I did a refi signing for them 1-25-2022 and have yet to be paid. I contacted them at 62 days and was told they mailed it that same day. It’s been 6 days and it still has not arrived in the mail. I will be contacting them again on Monday.

I did a signing for Notarize 247 on 2/11/2022. I finally contacted them and they said they had mailed the check a few days earlier. That was 2 weeks ago. Now I’m at 61 days without getting paid. I’m fed up but don’t know what the recourse is when a company doesn’t pay. I was contacted directly by them.

I had a similar experience with them recently. They paid me at 67 days. I no longer accept their assignments.

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I am at 51 days no payment. Cannot login to their website either. Anyone have contact info for billing? My emails are for sales & info.

I am currently at 75 days. I have emailed 3 times, each with no response.

I’m at 55 days, and have sent 2 past due invoices and 1 warning letter.

I take their offers sporadically. This is the only one on my books. It will be the last.

I’m at 102 days SMH They seemed to be on a net60 but now it’s way longer! They told me to write accounting but never responded

I am at 101 days now :frowning: I to reached a recording that stated to send an email to accounting. I have had no response. I am speculating this will remain unpaid…I am grateful for this being the first time anything like this has happened…and hopefully the last?

Email: . I believe she still does the accounting.

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Thank you very much for the email address. I did hear back and I did receive payment. Thanks again!!!

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