Notarize Remote Jobs!

Hey all,

Notarize has a bunch of jobs you might want to look into if you ever want to go back to be an employee.
I found this out at one of my closings today. The clients and I were chatting about the future of RON. Turns out he’s a head hunter! He was trying to recruit me to apply for this position!

Sounds great! Working remotely from home! But I DON’T have the brains for that. Also the highest range of salary is way too low to take on that much of responsibilities. I have no interest in going back to be an employee. No thank you.

If you want to work remotely for an employer! Try them out.

Thanks for sharing… @VIPnotaryCO im still fending off counter offers from the last company I told you about. He is making it hard to say no… I told him give me a week more to decide. The struggle is real. I love the independence I have right now but… let me tell you…… I’m sweating

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I will pray that you will make the right decision, my friend. I will support your decision.

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Remote is nice if iyou leave in a cold/snowy climate. And YES they pay very very low eventhough we don’t print and go…it’s just too low. Yet they don’t lower their fees to the borrower!

Hi …any idea what the salary is?

All of my signing companies are lowering their fees when ours are going up…