Notary assignments in my area

Texas here! I’m thinking about adding fingerprinting and immigration services to my services. Any advice?

Various agencies that receive fingerprints have their own requirements about who takes the fingerprints. It would take a lot of research to determine if there are enough recipients in your area who would accept fingerprints taken by an independent contractor like you to create enough demand to make it worth your while.

I have no idea what restrictions Texas puts on immigration services. The federal government pretty much prevents people with no special qualifications from doing immigration services beyond reading the form to the immigrant and writing down their answers. Picking which form to fill out would not be allowed unless the consultant has special qualifications.

It strikes me that if a person understood the immigration process well enough to know which forms to file and how to answer the questions, they wouldn’t need someone to write the answers on the form. So unqualified immigration consultants are a solution looking for a problem.

See this USCIS web page.

Thank you for the insight.

To do immigration forms, you must do it under the supervision of an attorney, in the State of Texas.

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