Notary Cafe Profile icon question

What are all the little icons on our profiles? I assume they are stats of some type but I can’t find any info. Are there reviews left by our clients on this site? I would really like to be able to gage the activity received more clearly by understanding some of these items.

Head Symbol: The color indicates how recently you’ve logged into Notary Cafe; i.e., green represents recent.
Document Symbol: The % value represents the completeness of your professional Profile.
Boxed Star w/number: The number of clients who have your Profile listed as a Favorite.
Clipboard: The number of signings you’ve completed in the last12 months and last 3 months.
CORRECTION: Diamond w/Shield: Represents Attorney [necktie].

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Thank you so much! Is this listed somewhere and I just simply couldn’t find it?

You’re most welcome, Zena. To my knowledge, it’s not listed anywhere/there is no Legend that I’ve ever been able to locate. :hibiscus:

Thanks @cNsa5 ! You nailed it, except for the last two. The Diamond and shield are actully both part of one image - together they form the front a necktie, repesenting an attorney.

To be honest, I like your interpretation a little better. :trophy:

Mike @ NC Support

Excellent! Thank you for clarifying.
Are there any reviews anywhere? I suppose no news is good news, but it would be nice to know something!

Oh! Thanks so much, Mike! You’re the Best. :pray::angel::tulip:

Hi @zena , There are not any public facing reviews at Notary Cafe. A signign service can make thier own internal notes about a Notary, but they are only visible to a representative of that company.

Notary Cafe Support

Thanks for the info Mike!