Notary Dash and Prestige Notaries

Unpaid invoices or bounced checks for Notary Dash? Copy your invoices here:

From the Prestige Notaries website:

Our Founder

Jennifer Garland – President / CEO

Direct line: 425.609.8666
Toll-free: 844.414.9224

With over 23 years of experience, Jennifer is known for her commitment to customer satisfaction. She is an expert in notarization for financial and legal paperwork with multiple awards won for the quality of her work.

With multiple awards and 23 years of experience, one would think Ms Garland could figure out standard accounting practices.

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Thanks. I got the excuse that they didn’t get an invoice from me. Ive never sent an invoice to a signing service.

This is not going to get any satisfaction or payment because they are blameshifting the signing company is saying they’ve already paid notary Dash 37 days after the closing occurred. The owner of the company has changed her name not once not twice over three times and then changed it back to her original name why is that because people are after her!

I will be reporting this to dun & Bradstreet as well as the company that Coast to Coast is a contractor for and First American Title I’m done being nice I am no one’s doormat and after 25 years of being in this business I’m shutting my doors to help with low ballers and no payers