Notary Dash past due payments

In my past experiences Notary Dash has been pretty prompt at making sure payments are made when the documents and signing have been closed (30 days or less for payment) Now I have 5 outstanding invoices that I have not received payment for, and we are now going on 6 weeks. Has anyone else had the same type of issue?

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I am still waiting for payment on 2 signings from Precise Signing Solutions from July!

That is the situation I am experiencing. I have 4 from July and 1 from the beginning of August. I have sent off an email to the general support email mailbox. hopefully they will at least let me know what the hold up is, as there doesn’t seem to be any other way to contact them and get paid. If I get any information I will definintely post it.

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Oh my… these contracting companies are starting to scare me a bit

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Jennifer has an explanation for most recent late payments at her Facebook Group for Notary Dash.

You mean, Jennifer has an excuse for late payments. Again.

There is no valid excuse for late payments to contractors. None.

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Some of the Contracting Companies are prompt, but others still lack expediency with payments. I have only one - Loan Closers - that has been more than 2 months behind. Sometimes it’s an oversight, so I just am not quick to pick up their signings. It’s a trial and error situation with the number of signing companies today.
I have recently applied to become RON certified - a new venture!

I’m RON haven’t explored it yet

Well it has been a week since I sent an email message to the support mail box of notary dash. I have received all but one of the overdue payments. In the comments section of the last payment I received was a note explaining how my payment was missed on the last cycle of checks and an apology for it. I get it, things happen, but there was never a response from the email I sent and there is still one outstanding payment I have yet to receive from July. I certainly hope this is not the way it will continue.

I have never had any payment issues with Notary Dash either in the last 2 years. However, I haven’t been paid for 2 signings as of now. It will be 3 on the 17th if they don’t pay me next week. The signings are from 8/31/21 and 9/11/21. This is very disappointing because they won’t even respond or answer the phone but have the audacity to send me new signing notifications as if we are running up a tab or something :roll_eyes: I have also been receiving late payments from Express Notary. I have to email them 5 times to get a response 7 days later.