Notary Direct itty bitty fees

Good grief. $35 offer for a HELOC 20 miles away. Break it down. Print 250 pages (avg 125 x 2) incl toner and ppr = $3.50. Gas to drive 45 miles (20 miles × 2 PLUS miles to drop off package at Fedex) = $5.00. That takes profit down to $26.50. Take 10% for taxes (round it for this example - $2.50) = $24.00. Now factor in time. Receive, download and print 250 pages - 30 minutes. Prepare docs for signing - 30 minutes. Drive time to and from - 1 hour. Signing - 45 minutes. Total - 2 hours, 45 minutes. Divide $24 by 2 hours, 45 minutes. Congratulations! You just made less than minimum wage.

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I dumped them years ago when they started doing those. Insulting fees, they used to be ok but went down quick.

Sad, Peggydee. You are right, ND used to be one of the good ones. Guess their much-touted system isn’t holding up well in this economy!

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You did not come close to figuring expenses. IRS mileage is what $0.58.5 this year, your BGC cost, E&O and Bond. Then there is advertising, Cell phone cost, Social Security as self employed, health insurance, office expenses and others. So actually you did them a favor and did it for free since as a notary you could charge a fee for each document you notarize. That is of course if you consider your job as a Notary Loan Closing Agent a business and not a hobby.