Notary Direct signing fees

Notary Direct deeply underpays signing agents for HUGE pkgs and has quality control faxbacks for experienced agents…if you question their fees (even tho you have listed your fees on their site) - they hold back pay—very argumentative staff

Yes, very argumentive!

I never accept assignments from this company as they are absolutely low balling. This will never change until all signing agents starting refusing assignments from them. I was offered 40.00 for a closing, totally unacceptable.


I like them, they are organized and pay on time which I consider more important. I rather work safe than working for higher figures and not get paid on time. I hate chasing companies as to get paid for the work I did on time and as requested

Surely you are not speaking of Notary Direct, their blast always offer fees below 50.00. They micro manage their notaries. There are companies such as Banc Serv which always pay on time and offer a fair fee as well as a few others such as Superior Notary. You do not have to chase these companies, but hopefully you are pay a fee above the 50.00 with Notary Direct.

I don’t work with Notary Direct as much as I use to because of their fees. Occasionally, we will agree on a
fee. Banc Serv use to pay decent but since they have the mobile app the listed fee is too low so I haven’t taken any closings from them.

I agree they are why lower then other companies

Couldn’t agree more. Low Pay, huge packages and then they want to scan the huge packages back to them within 2 hours of closing. Often times rude and demanding. Taking them off my list.

I’ve done a couple jobs for them, and the pay was $75.00. I did request more because of the document size, however, they refused to increase the fee.

I have received about 15 requests in the past 30 days from Notary Direct all at very low fees. I have rejected each and have requested to take my name off their active list (still hasn’t happen). Some of their signings are more than 100 miles one way and for that they want to pay between $65 to $85. I have had two arguments with some of their telephone callers about the low fees. One offer was for $20 to drive 18 miles to get two signatures. ND couldn’t understand why I didn’t accept because after all it was just “two signatures”.
I don’t have time to put up with this type of company. I urge any notary not to do business with Notary Direct.
Spencer Bulger

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There are better companies who pay fair rates in a timely fashion. Mortgage Connect - set your fees in your initial profile, email your invoice on the 14th and 28th, you will be paid twice a month. FASS - put in the effort to learn their system, set your fees in your initial profile, sign up for direct deposit, you will be paid weekly. YOU determine your worth.

I’d say insulting fees!!!..I don’t accept those offers anymore!

I replied to Notary Direct on their last request that their fees were absolutely insulting.!

Notary Direct? What is this ‘Notary Direct’? The only Notary Direct I knew morphed into Closing Exchange.

That is no way to treat your contractors especially when all of the cost associated with printing, travel and scan backs are out of pocket. It would be bad for them if no one wants to work with them

Simple, don’t take their signing. Treat your business like a relationship, most times you have to teach them ( signing agencies ) what you will and will not accept. The only reason they stay in business is because people tolerate their behavior. If people stop working with them, their behavior and manner in which the treat and speak to people will change.

But that’s just my opinion on the matter.