Notary Referrals Question

Hello. I am considering to become a notary in Fl. Where do you all get your referrals from? Do Abstract/Title Companies contract directly with individual notaries? Or, do you have to sign on to a notary agency to receive referrals.

Thank you.

In most States, it’s very competitive. Lots to consider . . .

You’d serve yourself well by performing a bit of due diligence prior to making the decision. Check your region for saturation of existing experienced & highly skilled certified notary signing agents [CNSAs]. Research the Notary Café Directory => See “Find A Notary” tab above.

Also, search the Notary Café Forum for posts from CNSAs in your region to get a ‘feel’ for how things progress.

Check into the costs of performing these services, needed equipment, supplies, etc. and determine how those expenses factor into the services to ensure you’re operating with sufficient ‘profit’ to compensate you for your time.

I live in OKC and I am just about to throw in the towel 5 weeks 2 signings and there were no problems at all but I am not getting calls I have signed up with at least 30 agency’s I get a job sent to me and I agree to everything and never hear anything . I just had to take a medical retirement and I was really hoping this would fill the bill but old dry bones here what should I do?

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Thank you for your comments & reccs!

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With all candor, Jeff, truly you’re the only one who can make that determination. :angel:

Many have discovered first-hand that the advertised hype is nearly baseless (with rare exceptions in certain regions of the US).

As any business owner (regardless of the business sector), it’s a very competitive.

Some enter this business only to discover that it takes 9 to 12 month before they received their first Signing Order. Yes, it’s simply that competitive; however, there are exceptions (like you) who receive their initial Signing Order within a few weeks . . .

Hopefully, you performed some due diligence prior to starting your business. The business plan you created should guide you appropriately in regard to your decision, Jeff. Best wishes. :pray::tulip::sunglasses:

Hi D71, Yes, Title Companies do work directly with individual notaries but to be considered for those coveted positions you must prove that you have years of experience. Now your first question, we don’t receive referrals. Loan Signing Agents (LSA) receive job offers. To receive these offers you must request to be placed on an ever-expanding list of experienced LSA’s. There are hundreds of “lists” and it doesn’t hurt to be placed on all of them. The offers are supposedly random but we all know that’s not true. The goal of a successful signing service is to provide the most experienced LSA that’s willing to accept the lowest fee for their services. Some signing services are willing to micro-manage inexperienced notaries to obtain an even higher percentage of the notary fees. This is generally where you and everyone else start their journey.