Notice of E-Closing

Hello All,

I am in Texas. Do sign the Notice of E- Closing document? Thank you

It states signed by:

Authorized Representative of Closing Agent /Notary Date

Print Name .------------------------------------

Hello Bassiouni,

have you been able to clarify this question? This same thing came up for me…

I just did one of these yesterday, and got clarification. The closing agent is the one who signs that, not us. They may, in fact, be a notary I guess.

Thank you Jay for the clarification. Happy 4th of July.

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Sorry for the very delayed response Ms. Smith. I had not seen the message.

No problem. I am glad we have clarification on that. Happy 4th of July and all the best to you!!!

P.S. It’s Patricia :wink:

Thank you!!! Really good to know I didn’t sign it :wink:

That would be a question for the person who handles the Notary division of your state, unless there is a Texas RON who can provide you with the answer. You can also contact the Notary hotline of the National Notary Association if you have a membership with them.

Thank you. I did contact the NNA Hotline. E-Closing is not to be signed by the NSA.