Number of Signing dropped drastically in past 2 weeks?

I, like many of other NSA’s have been extremely busy during all of this COVID-19 ordeal, so much so that I was even taking the rare 3 signings per day, even though I usually only take 2 per day (that is my comfort zone). However last week, I only had 1 for the entire week, very few even came across for the week. This week has also started very slow, only had 3 each day come through (did not get any of those). So it seem to have gone from more than I can handle to zero! Not sure is the latest bit of trouble happening in this crazy world has anything to do with it or not.

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Location is the key. I’m crazy busy 5-6 signings a day 6 days a week, sometimes on Sunday. I’m booked for the next week weeks. And my fees aren’t cheap. I have 7 booked for Friday plus getting my hair done on top of that! :scream: God help me.


I am in Washington state, and as I said I had been steady very busy (I try not to do signings on weekends, that is the only time I can spend with my husband) but it seems signings has died right out, maybe because so many businesses are shut down, a majority of the people out here are Boeing employees (or subsidiaries of Boeing) and there continues to be more and more shutdowns and layoff, maybe people are starting to back away from buying or refinancing right now. My husband even commented about my phone not “beeping” constantly for the past 2 weeks.

I am in Oceanside, San Diego, CA and I could book my days five times over. The key is the number of companies you work with and the fee’s being offered. It seems a few signing companies have forgotten that we are still in a pandemic, even if “shelter in place” restrictions have been foolishly lifted. My added expenses for PPE is a real thing.
I have four signing’s for Saturday so far…

Yes, I was wondering about the drop in calls too. As long as I’ve been doing this, it has always been feast or famine. There has never been a consistent run of business. That being said, I was wondering if more notaries are coming back to work after staying home through the initial covid shut down. Also I think many of the title companies have opened back up and are now doing in- office signings again.

Not me. I’m booked two weeks in advance. Today, Bancserv sent out a bunch of blast off deals but I couldn’t even accept any. Can’t even help other title and signing companies either. I stopped accepting anything less than $140. Highest refis this week thus far is only $230.

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Where are you located?

Denver Metro​:mask::mask::mask::mask::mask::mask::mask::mask:

Wow! im moving to Denver :slight_smile: