Okay! I listened and now what do I do!?

Alright so a few of you guys and gals chewed me out about using my SSN for my W9’s!
Soooooo, I went on the IRS site and got a EIN number!
Do I re-submit my w9’s to the signing services I work for?? What do I do now that I have the EIN? Can I get a business account?

Yes, re-submit a W9 with your EIN (could do this as you work with them the first time). Putting all notary business income & paying notary expenses from a dedicated account simplifies things at tax time.
Despite providing a W9, many will routinely ask for it again around the beginning of the year–even if you’ve never worked with them.


So should I wait till next year since they will ask again?

Some ask every year; many don’t. This is also true of all the other credentials: bgc, commission, e&o, etc. It’s pretty much up to you to keep your credential info current with each co. or you run the risk of being deleted in their database. Sadly, it’s not a once & done thing, and, yes, it’s a time-consuming PITA. As you’re a newb, now is the perfect time to make a spreadsheet that shows every co. you’ve signed up with so you have a list available for next years’s bgc update.

Hey! So what I would do is just provide them with the new w9 as an update even if they ask you for it every year. Yes you can obtain a business account with it but make sure you shop around because business accounts do have a monthly maintenance fee that vary. If you are military or any immediate family is military you can get a business account with navy federal, they dont charge a monthly fee that I know of (i currently have them). You would also use your EIN when you do your taxes on your schedule c.

Just a heads up…I’ve heard from several sources that Navy Fed CU no longer accepts Deluxe Echecks–which many companies use to send your payment.

Really I never heard that? They still take mine and I’m able to deposit on the app as well. Are you sure?

Hello, I read this article “How to Create a Notary Profile and Marketing Kit | Notary.net” and followed the direction, it made it easy signing up on various services, platforms and directories. Also, check with the banks for business requirements to open accounts, and ask at your local Navy Federal branch regarding e-Checks, I’ve read the same comments in several forums. I talked to my tax preparer who was a great help with my business needs, sounds like firstfruitsolutions has volunteered to provide you with help getting started, I’d accept the offer, her insight could save you costly mistakes.