Old Republic Title

I’m about to do my first assignment with Old Republic Title for this coming Monday, the 28th, and would like to know what to expect in their packet. Approximately, how many pages?.. when do they upload the documents, what time frame ? How do they pay?.. any input greatly appreciated :blush:

First assignment I did for them was 189 pages letter and legal size and about 13 notarizations, second packet was all letter size and 182 pages. They pay Net35-40 days 16 notarizations. Hope that helps. They will have your docs ready about 2 hours before the signing.

Thanks Lilly, the assignment is for Monday, and today I got an email to download. I will give it a look and just hope to get more assignments from them, if we’re both happy, of course.

Yeah good luck and it also comes with a bunch of instructions to follow.

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I did few of them with Old Republic title, I like vendor direct pay. Following instructions helps. So far good with me.

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