One Stop Notary Shop? Anyone have experience with them?

Has anyone worked with this outfit before? My gawd there are a lot of them out there!

Nothing recent. 4/2017 is the latest one. Pays well & at about 1 month via eCheck.
Be aware that the owner is also a notary who does signings. And you are so right–kazillions of them out there more than eager to take their cut. Some have been around a long time, some are just a flash in the pan. You must check them out constantly as they often start out great and just as often go downhill from there.

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Did 2 in June 2017. Nothing since and they paid

I have 't gotten stiffed yet, but the stories on here…wow! Thanks for your input!

I work with them all the time. Great company and pay quickly with e-checks.

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I went to sign up with them today and in their contract you have to sign it says they will pay $50 per signing. That is way to low. Everywhere I go here is at least 20 minutes and most places are 45 and over. But even a close one that is to low. You always end up at the clients house for at least an hour to two hours. Depending on how much they want to read. Mine seem to want to read everything! I backed out as I didn’t want to agree to only be paid $50 per signing.

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One Stop Notary Shop paid me my VERY FIRST FEE! I received it in only 18 days after the signing which is two weeks ahead of others that I am waiting on. <3 They are my new favorite!

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Just to be clear. We pay $90 for refi and Half fee for no signs. We pay $50 for a deed only signing.


I have completed a few signings with One Stop Notary Shop and always a pleasure. They are always helpful and communication is 110%. Whenever I see they need something, I will do my best to assist them.

I have only 1 opportunity to serve them. The client was in a difficult location and I requested a little extra compensation to which they agreed. The client was wonderful, and payment was prompt. It was a delight on every front. Hopefully I will be privileged to serve them many more times! Grateful, Daniel

I’ve had one signing with them, in May this year. Pay was a bit above average and was received on a timely basis. Absolutely no issues whatsoever.

I did one signing for them back in January 2023. It went smooth and paid within the month via e-check. Look forward to working with them soon! :slight_smile: