Open Advice

What company are willing to give new sign agent
a chance
I have received tons email and text for jobs but don’t give pick

Open to any advice

Why go with a company? It’s much better to do it independently in my opinion. You are your own boss and make 100% of the cost, make the price, and do your own schedule!

c2c Cost 2 Coast. They have a phone number on here. Just tell them you are brand new and would appreciate their help.

Thank you for your feedback I will reach out

Not sure it helps to tell them you are brand new - just be thorough and make sure you follow each company’s personal rules to the T and be timely. Be friendly and sound happy to get the job and maybe you can build a rapport with the scheduler so they use you again. Also you might ask the signers if they liked you to tell their signing companies, title companies and or lender reps that you were pleasant and knowledgeable - this goes a long way to getting more jobs.

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C2C loves newbys. Many received their FIRST signing from them.