Other signing services

Aloha. Any one heard of Notary Discover? Thx

Are you sure it’s a signing service…or just another directory?

Appreciate your response. Its email says, “signing services” wanting to connect me to title companies in my area which is Sacramento County, CA. and wants me to Join and become a lifetime member. I question because I found it approximately 2 weeks ago. It did not have good reviews, so I immediately rejected their email. BUT…I still receive their emails. Im very skeptical about scams out there. Have a nice aloha day Lady Arichter. Thank you

…and you will continue to get ‘join-for-a-fee’ e-mails forever or until you unsubscribe.

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I surely “Unsubscribe” BUT…some scams just keep popping up. LoL. Oh well. I’ll just continue my “mini investigations” on line before validating any services.

I got an email for NotaryDiscover as well. Has anyone joined? Do you get value from being a member?

I just received an email from them as well and I decided to not go with it I went ahead and sent them an email explaining to them that they needed to sell themselves to me for me to be able to pay for this because there are too many free signing Services out there that I’ve yet to receive an email back!!!