Partial Claim

What is a partial claim signing (description, # of pages to be signed or notarized, ect) and what’s an acceptable fee to expect from a SS for doing one?

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A partial claim is someone who is coming out COVID forbearance. Whatever amount they accrued during the forbearance get turned into a new loan which is due at whenever they pay off their current loan, refinance, or sell the home. I’ve seen a couple, they are very short, 15 pages or less, and only one notation per signer.

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Thank You. This is helpful the next time I see one. I stayed away from it because I had no clue what it was.

Just to be clear, the Promissory Note and The Deed of Trust are the 2 documents to be notarized, correct? I have my first one coming up in a few days. Thank you in advance.

Normally, Promissory Notes are not notarized.