Partial claims - No response from borrower

Is it normal for a borrower not to return your call? I have attempted three times to reach out but to no avail.

Are partial claims something that the borrower is looking forward to singing? I’m confused. Or is it something the bank is preparing without their consent as a courtesy? I feel like a bill collector when I get VM and/or no return callbacks.

Hi there,
I’d say it is about one third of borrowers you call do not return your call and that’s for many reasons, at work, partying or, in most cases, they do not recognize the number but believe it or no, they KNOW that you’re coming and they may also received your photo and your vehicle’s make, model, color and may be your license plate number as well.
It is more of a courtesy call so I won’t really care much if they don’t answer.
It is worth mentioning that in your VM that you give them headsup that they need to have their IDs ready and that if they prefer using their own pens (with the Covid`s new life style) then you specify what ink color to be used for signing if your employing company requires blue or black.
Best of luck

Tho’ I haven’t done any (as fee is far too low) I would think they’d want to sign it as it m/l is a lender courtesy adding unpaid delinquent (probably covid-related) payments to the back end of their loan instead of going into foreclosure. Might be what kind of message you’re leaving…partial claim sounds scarier than mortgage extension.

:smile: agreed! I also believe that they must have some sort of agreement prior this step (if it is a settlemnt).
Otherwise, I believe your time is more worth than running as a debt collector for a low fee. Reminded me of they days when I was a process server.:roll_eyes:

Why in the world would you provide ANY company with this information???

Part of many applications

That’s a hard “NO” from me and always has been - they do not need that information…at all. Some companies ask for a copy of car insurance too - another hard NO. I did signings for 7 years down here - not once did I ever give them that information - and never hurt for work.

There’s a limit to the PII I’d allow any company to have. Remember, you’re an independent contractor, not an employee - you’re a professional business person. Take control. Did you ask for a picture of your hiring party before you took the assignment? Probably not.

My apologies for venting at you but the overreach of some of these companies just irks me to no end.


No apologies Linda. I have always appreciated any kind of advise I get. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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If I don’t get an answer from a signer I text them. This way they know I am their notary. If nothing I go anyway, at least I will get paid for downloading. Usually they are expecting you, never had a problem with this.

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Hi, it is normal sometimes, it is happened to me very often when lender has old phone numbers and never updated. I suggest you to contact title co, and ask for an additional contact information. May be an email works.

I always call and than send a text they normally respond to a text faster.
Hello Mr or Mrs ----- My name is ----- your notary for your closings on Thursday 8/26 at 3:30 location their address------ to confirm this appointment you can reply or call me at 999-999-9999. Simple and it gets quick response.


They will pay more if you ask and no other notary agrees for the lower amount.

I’ve done three or four and was paid $50 for each one. I know $50 doesn’t sound like a lot. But, the packages are very small and the time with the borrower is 10-15 minutes.


Text seems to work better and some even require an email.

When I cannot reach the borrower by phone I will leave a VM if possible (not everyone has a MBX set up or one that isn’t full), email (if an email address is provided…rare) or a TM (text msg, assuming you are texting to another cell phone). However, in these cases, aside from the usuaI informational wording I include verbiage to incentivize them to contact me by phone. Such as: “Please understand that I cannot keep an appointment unless I speak to you personally, the borrower, about several issues. Thank you and please call me, Bob Smith, at any time day/night @999-999-9999”.

I don’t let the borrower assume that contacting me by phone is optional. I have always done this and now that we are in a pandemic I need to know additional information, e.g. how many people will be there, will they be wearing masks, has anyone tested positive…and so on. In general, I will not proceed to an appointment if I cannot make contact. There is too much that can go wrong (appointment changed or canceled, borrowers are questioning the docs, borrowers forgot, etc.

This situation would be very different if we were paid for the trip. And, by being paid I do not consider $20 for a 1.5 hour round trip as ‘being paid’. I call that being insulted.


Lol. I have had that happen a time or two. Usually they will call you back or answer. After 7 attempts, I let the signing company know.

This is just my opinion - but I do not go to appts of any kind that the signer hasn’t confirmed with me and I say so when I leave a voicemail, “Hi this is Wendy, the notary scheduled for your signing appt on what-ever day at what-ever time. Please call or text to confirm appointment and place. If I do not hear from you, your appointment is not guaranteed.”


I actually won’t do partial claims. Here is a link to a description of what they are.

The clients may have decided they do not want to do this kind of transaction. DO NOT DO DEBT SETTLEMENTS whatever you do. They are just wrong and you don’t want to be involved with those. I do loan modifications because I believe they help. I had one on my house and forbearance is helpful as well. This partial claims thing just doesn’t sit well with me. The clients may be avoiding do this. Just tell the people hiring you that you cannot do this transaction without a verbal confirmation I will NOT go to an appointment without a confirmation I don’t have time for that. I hope this helps ALOHA from Maui