Precision Escrow

Has anyone worked with Precision Escrow? I did a signing in December. After I agreed and printed docs they called and asked me to meet their currier 35 miles away that same night. I agreed to drive 30 miles away to do the signing plus the 30 miles to the currier. They told me name my price. Then after a lot a going back and forth on the price, I agreed. It was double my regular price. But, I had to do it on a time table to meet up with currier. The docs needed to be in by 6 am in the morning. I missed some docs and had to go back out to client plus 50 extra miles. Then drive all the way to the title company. All in all I drove for 12 hours. All docs were delivered on time. Still waiting for payment.
I have 15 emails to them and many phone calls to Lana and Chozen. Now when I call there is just an answering machine. They keep saying " I will check on status". The last answer was “I will see if the check was cut and cashed. We will cancel it and send another by currier.” BULL.
I think they may have gone out of business. DO NOT WORK FOR PRECISION ESCROW!
They want you to do all the work and not pay!