Printers and options

Please tellme what printer you use and any good discounted sites on printers, toners and paper?

There are 2 that are always recommended. Brothers & HP. Tho’ there are a plethora of other brands that people use. IMO, try Ebay for a gently used older workhorse-type anything with dual trays & lots of ppm.
You are far better off buying an older formerly very expensive one with a higher monthly ‘duty cycle’ than a new, cheaper model. I have an HP4350…bought used for…ah, it’s been so long ago that I can’t easily find the records, but guessing maybe $100-$150. Hopefully, others will chime in with more workhorse model suggestions.

Starting out, one can use a single-tray printer, or one can take the plunge for the additional $100-150 for a multi-tray. There are tools out there that will allow you to print one, then the other and provide a map to bring them together.

For example, there’s Notary Rotary PDF Sorter. Also, SnapDocs allows you to download the documents broken-out.

As you move forward, you’ll probably find the investment in a multi-tray printer, especially with packages over 100-200 pages long (often the most profitable).

My last few tray add-ons averaged around $200 in addition to the price of the printer. If your not sure whether a printer can take a second tray, google the spec sheet for the printer, and check the accessories entry - the tray would be listed there.

FYI, used multi-tray printers are available on ebay for $100-250 including shipping. These older printers also have the advantage of using non-manufacturer (third-party) toner.

One note: often one tray being 100-300 pgs; the other(s) something like 550 or 1050;choose which tray gets the legal by what your most common closings use). I’ve even played with a separator page (in blue) on a 3-tray printer.

As far as specific printers, I’m very fond of the Brother products. The Brother HL-L6200DW meets all the ‘check boxes’… duplex, multiple trays, reasonable price ($150-200), good toner life (3k, 8k and 12k cartridge sizes) compatible with 3rd party toner, etc… Print cost is~$0.01/page for toner, even with the 12k OEM cartridge; good paper shopping puts you at around the $0.02-$0.025/page range (not including printer acquisition).

Additional trays are available - a 250-sheet tray (LT5500) and a 520-sheet tray (LT6500).

The Brother HL-L6200DWT includes the first additional 520-sheet tray (LT6500), saving about $40.

There are also many fine used printers and copiers; depending upon an NSA’s other interests, investing in one of these may be indicated (I personally expect to buy a larger photocopier/printer for my tax practice).

Hope this all helps.

Good luck.


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For paper, I’ve done well with Staples, as well as other chains,

Amazon and wholesale clubs (I’ve bought at both BJ’s and Sam’s Club) can also be great.

I aim for $30-35/case (10-ream… keep away from the 8- or 5-ream cases) on letter-size paper, before promotions. The legal-size paper goes for $6-9 per ream (I’ve bought a number of 3-ream cases at Sam’s Club on the lower side of that range)

I would say the paper is all a matter of timing, attention and available promotion.

I tend to buy OEM or third-party toner on Amazon, or price match Amazon at Staples (with discount coupons and/or 20% back in points, it can be impressive savings - I’ve had $300-500 in spendable points during some periods - I bought laptops for staff and holiday gifts for clients on the office store’s dime).


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I am using the 6200dw from brother. I have speckles all over my papers. replaced cartridge. cleaned drum like 5 diff times, etc. nothing seems to work. talk about frustrating. printing pages 5-6 times to get a clean copy at first to now not getting one clean copy so stalled my accepting assignments was looking for another option also to have at my work location

okay what I did was take my drum completely apart and clean it out. works like a charm now… found video on youtube. saving me alot of money