Pro member vs non pro member

How does being a pro member help me get more business? What’s the return on my investment?

At 5 bucks a month…I don’t even know why you’re asking. Give it a shot.

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So I guess the real question is do people from the public use this forum? I went ahead and took the class for NSA with the class because it seemed like it was easy enough and just to have it in case. I’m a real estate broker and just wanted to be a notary to be able to help past clients but would also like my name to be out there in the public.

Higher visibility. In my opinion, it’s worth it. I got a high paying signing just a few days ago, with a new (to me) signing service, that pays immediately, who found me here.

This forum doesn’t have a ton of traffic from non-notaries / signing agents. Its primary activity is around notaries / signing agents helping each other.

However, your Notary Cafe profile, as long as it’s public, can have a lot of value, due to the number of people who either use Notary Cafe to find notaries and signing agents, or who come across Notary Cafe listings or search options on Google, when they are openly searching for notaries are assigning agents to fulfill a signing or other job that they have available.

Right on thanks I’ll be signing up later today

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