Product: Purchase Attorney

I have been assigned to do a signing for a purchase attorney in the state of SC
I have never heard of the this, what is it?

This is a guess…as SC is an attorney-only state, I guess when buyers or sellers are out-of-state, attorneys somehow have to get the paperwork signed, so ‘hi, there, little NSA-who-isn’t-in-SC’…

Last month I did a signing that required the attorney, (Attorney only State) to phone me at the table. About 10 minutes into the signing I received a call from the para Legal of the firm. She simply wanted to make sure I was with the signers and to phone her if there were any question during the signing and follow up with another phone message that the signing was completed.

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yup , I did one for NY

The attorney calls and walks the customers thru the critical papers, they get signed while he wait in your presence, then he turns it over to you to get the remaining of the singing done

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Okay…call me confused. Gena Kerosetz (the OP) is a South Carolina Notary and a Signing Agent listed on Snap Docs.

You should know this, Gena. I realize you’ve only been a signing agent for 6 months…you’ve never had a purchase transaction?

Now, another thing that confuses me is your post…is punctuation missing or not?

“I have been assigned to do a signing for a purchase, attorney in the state of SC” or

“I have been assigned to do a signing for a Purchase Attorney in the state of SC”

Devil is in the details.

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For the record, your tone is completely unprofessional, and uncalled for. I was simply asking a question.
And…Yes, I have done a purchase transaction, but again, I am very new.

I called the company and come to find out, the company sent the assignment to me by mistake. They thought “I” was an attorney.

Arichter, wdgwings & GTQ, Thank you for your responses!

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I realize you were just asking a question - and so was I. That’s why I said I was confused. Did not mean to offend and my deepest apologies if I did. What you posted sounded like a purchase transaction - simply put. And that’s also why I asked about the question structure, because it could mean 2 different things depending on punctuation.

Again, my apologies if I offended you. And I do wish you luck in this business.

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