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Does anyone know how to report a signing service?
I was unfairly dealt with by an abusive SA owner, I am positive that she will not pay me.
I am contemplating taking legal action .It is not about the cost but principles and ethics.
I am awaiting the completion of one month and I will list that company’s name here Boldly.


As they are unregulated, there is nobody to ‘report’ to…which is why we have this (& other) forums to let other notaries know about no-pay, abusive SS. Before you try legal action (which most likely will get you nowhere expensively), contact the Title Co. & let them know what happened. You may get paid by the TC or, at least, they should advise SS to pay you.


Thank you.
I will speak with the title company.

Hello fellow Notaries.
Just an update- I have been calling this Company and my calls go straight to voicemail. I left messages . However I decided to send an email , shockingly she responded. Only to say that she never got my voice messages.( I know she blocked my calls)
Anyway I was able to speak with her, only for her to act like she is not aware of the scenario and the other agent was paid.
Well I believe the world :earth_americas: Revolves

Did she agree to pay you during that phone call? In your original post you said you’d name the company at 30 days…I think it’s time.

Hi Linda,
No. She told me the agent on file was paid.
I reminded her of the situation , she fully well knew but pretended .
I will not disclose the company here because of my nature. I know that when people wrong you they are doing bad for themselves :pray:t2: I hope she is in here secretly and seeing this :eyes::mag_right:

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“Good will come to those who are generous and lend freely, who conduct their affairs with justice.” Psalm 112:5 NIV

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