Quality Signing Services 67 days pat due

This company has not paid for a job that I originally bid for. (Notary Cafe closing) QSS contacted me 3/28@11:37pm but gave the job to a different notary. Then 3/29@12 reassigned to me due to notary cancellation.

Since, I’ve been waiting on payment only to be told that they have not been paid which in results, means they can’t pay me.

I don’t feel that I should have been delayed payment. They should pay for contracted work and then work on getting their funds on the backside.

If I tell Georgia Power, that my paycheck was late and can’t pay them, they don’t feel like that’s there concern.

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I agree here. The fact that they didn’t get paid is not your problem. It’s like one selling a product that they don’t have in stock. Did they stipulate any payment terms when they gave you the order? If so, what were they? If not, send an invoice via email and in the regular mail marked “PAST DUE.” If the loan closed (if a loan), people got paid. The fact that they gave you that reason and don’t have “cushion” in their bank account to settle with their notaries is a RED FLAG!