Rapid notary

Any one work rapid notary? How did it go.

After the work is done, it’s impossible to get paid. They don’t respond to emails, answer the phone or even hang up when they hear what you’re calling about. Stay away!!


I just posted this under another topic but I thought I should put it here being that it deals with rapid notary 24/7 and USA Legal:

I Got a call from Rapid Notary 24/7 today with the name Patrick Labreck. I contacted the signer to set up a time but she was hesitant about signing the documents because she thought it was a scam, so I told her to reach out to the company and let them know. They obviously coerce old people into debt settlement by charging them excessive amounts of money and I don’t want to be a part of that. Now I feel bad because I did a signing for them last week; same exact document. They had the nerve to tell her not to ask them any questions and for me the notary not to ask her any questions. The email also says USA Legal so these companies are obviously in cahoots :disappointed:


Unfortunately I to was scammed by this company. On November 17 I got a call from Patrick Labreck (407) 693-0156. He said he had a signing in my area and asked if I was available to do it. I agreed to and he sent me the signer info plus all the documents. I meet with the signer at their house and everything went pretty good. The signer was a little confused and hesitant so I called Patrick and put him on speaker phone and he talked to her and nothing seemed wrong or alarming. Fast forward to 30 days later when I was due to receive my 80.00 e check from Rapid Notary no payments So I called and no answer so I sent an email and got a reply saying that he sent it to his accounting department and now they have goshted me. After doing some digging on that company I think I am going to reach out to the signer and first apologies and see if they are willing to file a police report with me. I just hope they haven’t taken this poor old lady who is just so sweet to the cleaners. If anyone has any idea on what I should do next I would greatly appreciate it


Why not report the company to the Attorney General of your state? Better Business Bureau too.
That’s really sad.

I hadn’t thought about doing that but it’s a great idea thank you I really appreciate it

I also did a notarization for debt consolidation for a sweet lady through this company. I was contacted by Patrick Labreck at (407) 559-5155 on October 28, 2021. Looking back at the documents he emailed me, they do look sketchy but I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I am still trying to collect $65 agreed price for the notarization and have called all 4 different numbers (the one I had and the others listed on this thread) to no avail. Voicemail box is full and there is no response to any emails or text messages. I have even sent a paypal request for the amount to the original phone number he called from and have obviously not received any response. I realize that I have lost the $65 charged for the service, but at this point what’s more important to me is the fact that they may be scamming older people of their hard earned money. It’s all about the ethics of this so called company. I will research reporting them somehow.

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Same experience. did you find the company details?