Receiving Documents timely from Coast2Coast

Has anyone every had issue with receiving documents from coast2coast signings. signing is at 630pm 27 more mins
and no documents, i have tried to text and no response and send message thru snap docs and still. nothing this is the
second time, the first time i said i can not do it. this time i try to give a second chance, and same isssue. has any one had this issue before. this is such bad business.

It happens with almost all of 'em. Usually because they haven’t gotten 'em from Title…usually because Lender is sitting on 'em. Really isn’t C2C (or any SS) fault. You just do whatever you have to do. Under these circumstances, I usually will put a ‘drop dead’ time on 'em…and mean it. 1 minute late–go fish.

They did this before and it was an hour away and no documents so I canceled it. And what I don’t like is they dont communicate back with you. If they could at least respond to me with asking whats going on I would have no problem. but they did not say nothing to my text or comments that’s where I have the problem. communicate with people. Them come to find out the Borrower called me and said that it’s for Monday cuz his wife wasn’t there. But no one said nothing to me once again. Smh. They dont have to worry about me anymore.