Recording completed loan signings?

I’m relatively new and never use this website. Are we supposed to be recording our completed loan signings on this site, or on any other site? How does the customer know we actually have experience?

Generally, no. Adding information you did for one company on a website that belongs to a different company is generally regarded as a bad idea; the company that owns the website, or 3rd parties, could take unfair advantage of the information.

There isn’t any easy way for companies to know how much experience we really have; they pretty much have to take our word for it. They can get a general idea just from what business practices we seem familiar with. A very difficult method that I don’t think anyone uses would be to go through the documents recorded in the jurisdiction where we live and see how often our name shows up as the notary.

Of course, if the company that hired you, or one of the companies they’re working with, wants the completion recorded on a secure website, that would be appropriate.

OK thanks. I just thought there were some websites I’m registered on where it asks for a record of your signings. I only just started doing the work so can’t remember the details I learned back then. Maybe I misunderstood.