Remote Online Notary, Getting started

What are the pros and cons?
What all do I need to do to get started.

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Remote Online Notarization

Even though I am Pavaso Certified and CO approved E-notary I’ve decided not to do any e-signing. Will not do RON even if it is authorized by the State because I don’t trust it. I think it is a disaster! Frauds and lawsuits waiting to happen. Plus two weeks ago, I was called to go close 5 loans that the e-notaries couldn’t get done. One of them, the client said he let the notary go because it took so long. His lawyer called me and said her client was ready to call the whole thing off. I calmed down both the lawyer and the client and closed that deal. The title company wasted money on signings that couldn’t get done the first time! So they had to pay higher fees for simple refis.