Request for Notary Initials on Apostille

I recently completed an Apostille for a requestor in South Africa. The local requesting party was providing POA to a relative in South Africa. All went fine, but I received an email recently requesting that the apostille be amended to include the initials of the notary (me) on all pages as their country requires that initials are appended by all parties to the transaction. I have never had such a request, and my signature and/or initials are only found in the notary statement. I informed the attorney-in-fact that I am not a party involved in the transaction, I am the facilitator who assures that the document is executed and ushered through our apostille process properly, which the SOS assured me that it had been. Have you had such a request from the requesting party in the country of origin? How have you handled it. Our SOS said it was not required by them, but was otherwise noncommittal.

Not so odd request, sounds reasonably. I handle a lot of apostilles and I emboss each page of any set of documents that I submit for an apostille. This helps tie in the package and prevents extra un-initialed / or embossed documents from being removed and replaced. For example the US Secretary of State still uses wax seals and a rope for their authentications.