Resource Specialist Inc


This company recently reached out to me stating they found me on SOFI. Before moving forward, I want to know if anyone has experience with them and if so, please provide?

I just looked on Notary Rotary and could not find out anything about them.

I am not finding anything about them online either. Was it for a loan signing, for general notary work?

Thanks Susan,

I seen something online but still unsure.
Check it out and let me know what you think.

SOFI is inspections, right? Is it for an inspection of some kind?

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I see, it’s for inspection services, which is another area notaries find work. That might be the right company. Still, I’d ask a lot of questions to find out who they are.

I just found SOFI’s website, and they list RSI: Same link as you have, so that is correct.

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