RightWay Funding

I did a signing for RightWay Funding, LLC (Meredith Gwinn) in January and sent an invoice, which has not been paid. They agreed to payment within 30 days, but it’s been over 60 days and no payment.

Since the date of the signing, Meredith has not seen fit to respond to any emails or phone messages. Have others had a similar experience with RightWay Funding? How did you get paid?

Send additional emails and keep the copies. Send a registered letter to the demanding (tactfully but firm) payment. If you still hear from them send a second Certified letter to both the SS and Title company. If all else fails you can file a small claims case if they’re in your state. You can send them a 1099 - C, debt forgiveness at year’s end. If you send them a 1099 you can never attempt to collect on the debt, but they’ll have a pesky 1099 affecting their bottom line. If they contact you after this point refuse to negotiate.