RON and Title Companies

I am not seeing requests sent for RON Signings much at all. I have a sneaky suspicion that the title companies are doing the RON Signings within their own offices.

What do you think?

You’re probably right.

Same here. I used to do a lot of RON’s for AMROCK in FL and I haven’t seen anything in the last few months… Has any one experienced the same?

The two title companies I service with RON closings have no office in my state and their preference is to use RON notaries from the state where the property is located. They are using notaries in my state and not employees. The opportunities have become more difficult since the company which assigns by app takes the first respondent and they go in milliseconds.

I’m wondering if RON is not as popular as they claim it is. I know in my state some lenders
and title companies are not excited about it at all

@jennjoneis There are various elements that factor into the “popularity” equation in regard to signers/Title & Escrow companies [T/ECs] utilizing RON for loan signing/notarization executions . . . To name a few:

  • Depends on signers age -
    * Millennial Generation & younger (if savvy with technology & have equipment): Very popular
    * Older than Millennial Generation: Usually on the continuum from disliking it to disdaining it (if not tech savvy and/or don’t have equipment or have less than functional equipment).
  • Laggard Internet speeds can be brutal & some won’t agree to RON because of that (could be rural/remote location).
  • Simply have strong desire/need to have a paper copy.
  • There is a Trust involved in the transaction that requires executed paper copies.
  • The State or Counties within a State aren’t yet providing electronic document recordings.
  • Etc.


Germane to your comment, Jennifer, I had a direct experience in this regard late yesterday.

It was a last-minute signing request late yesterday evening with an attorney who was fuming mad at the title company for her Refinance of her principal residence. She instructed them at the onset that she wanted a paper-only signing with a signing agent in-person in her home.

Here’s how it proceeded for her:

  • Initial Signing Appointment scheduled was for a RON. Non-Starter for her & ignited the flame of anger.
  • Rescheduled the Signing Appointment & unfortunately it was also a RON. Also a Non-Starter for her & fanned the flames of anger.
  • Rescheduled the Signing Appointment again, but it was a combination of paper & electronic (hybrid) signing. Again, a Non-Starter for her & further injected oxygen onto the flames of anger.
  • Rescheduled the Signing Appointment a FOURTH time & it was ALL paper as per her original request.

When I reached out to her for confirmation of the Date, Time, & Signing Location she spoke in a BOOMING type voice quite loudly & emphatically. This was a bit puzzling to me, but as she immediately identified herself as an attorney, I surmised that possibly this was her ‘normal’ demeanor.

When I arrived at her location, her voice was normal pitch, tone, and speed. Hmmm . . .

After I had assembled my tools, documents, writing pads, etc. she began to open up in conversation. She said that she never spoke with a Signing Agent until I called. She then unfolded all the above experiences & expressed how relieved she was that the Signing Appointment finally was as per her original request.

I professionally, efficiently, & expediently proceeded through her stack of Refinance documents endeavoring to ensure that I added no additional fuel to the embers of the previously ignited fire. By the time the executions & notarizations were completed, she was quite kind, generous, & wrote multiple lines of commendation about my work, willingness to accept a last-minute late Signing Appointment, and my respectfulness of her home & table.

P.S. I was quite grateful that after all that she had endured the end-result was a Happy Client!


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Who IS this guy RON, anyway? He must be a crummy notary after reading all the disparaging stuff about him on this forum. If I ever run across him, I’m likely to punch him in the nose for all the bad publicity he causes.

OK, I feel better now. Going back to pray to the Apostilles for forgiveness.