RON platform: Notarizing my own clients

Texas: I am a Credentialing Specialist for a Healthcare staffing agency and a Texas commissioned Remote Online notary.
We work with doctors and nurses all over the country. On occasion our healthcare providers will need forms notarized, such as POAs for State Medical Board licensing and Medicare Enrollment. I’m trying to find the best system to be able to offer this service to our providers, whether it’s setting up my own system or using a RON platform.

I’m wondering if any has experience in this that may have some insight.

I have no idea which RON platform, or system you set up yourself, would be best.

I do have experience working in large organizations. If your organization is large (or medium) there may be an information technology department which must provide, or approve, any electronic signature methods. So you should make sure you have contacted the appropriate people within your organization. You should also make sure you have approval to act as a notary while at work (if that’s the approach you decide on).

No, sorry. In Wisconsin notaries are not allowed to notarize POAs online.

Check out OneNotary…I have an account, but never used them. You bring the customers and OneNotary does the KBA (knowledge based authentication) for a fee, you do the notarization for a fee.

I am also certified with…they bring the customers, I do the notarizations.

DocVerify is also one you can setup for yourself, however, they are very pricey…I had a subscription for one year then dropped them.