RON status in Missouri and Rural States

State Legislature’s and Title Company execs will be meeting in Jefferson City to discuss and probably make access to RON legal in Missouri. I just finished a signing where the couple was elderly and did not use computers. I’m very interested in what the roll of a notary will be after RON passes. Does anyone care to share thoughts on this?
There are still places in Missouri where you can’t get a phone signal strong enough to keep a phone call going.

“Make access to RON legal” probably isn’t a good way to describe the situation. Suppose today a person physically located in Missouri does a RON with a Virginia notary, and then tries to use the notarized document in Missouri. The first hurdle is that the document will obviously be digital, and the person receiving the document might insist on a paper document. If the signer prints the document, the person receiving it may reject it because it doesn’t have an original signature.

But suppose the signer is lucky, and the recipient will accept an electronic document. People and agencies have been accepting notarizations done in other states for many decades, as long as the notarization was done in accord with the laws of the state where the notary was commissioned. So probably, this would be no different: the notarization was done in accord with Virginia law, so it’s acceptable.

The fact that Missouri law doesn’t let Missouri notaries to do RON only keeps those notaries out of the RON marketplace, it doesn’t keep RON out of Missouri.

I will admit I struggled with the wording when writing this, I really did not know how to say it. My apologies!

What will the roll of a notary be once it is accepted? How much will it affect my income?

In the short term, probably won’t affect you much, if at all. Check to see what MO counties will accept online recordings…there’s your answer.