SCAM ALERT - targeting Notaries

I recently had a call from a “Sheriff” from the Rockingham NH County Sheriff’s office (said it on my caller ID so I believed it) who told me that I was supposed to appear in court the previous day and now there is a warrant for my arrest for failure to appear in court! He said that I had signed for a subpoena in February and I assured him I did not. He proceeded to tell me that because the case was so sensitive that he couldn’t discuss it with me, nor could he let me hang up (didn’t want me to talk to anyone else). My gut told me something wasn’t right about this…
He then told me that I would be arrested and would need to post bail $3500.00!! I told him I don’t have that kind of money…he assured me I would get it back once proving I had no idea I was supposed to appear in court. Supposedly I had to come there to verify that was not my signature that signed for the subpoena. He said he had to stay on the phone with me until I arrived there, with $3500 cash! He instructed me to proceed to my financial institution to obtain the money, then he would instruct me how to get there. I hung up on him and called a friend who is a former police officer…he laughed and said if there was a warrant for my arrest they would be knocking on my door, not calling me. AND that you don’t bail yourself out, someone else has to or a bondsman.
I called the real Rockingham County Sheriff’s office and they said they had been getting calls from Notaries all morning about this…and it was a scam, and no there is no warrant for my arrest. What I am wondering is if someone…if I had been stupid enough to fall for it, or someone else did…were they luring me to some location to mug me for $3500??