Scam / Phishing Emails

Hello Everyone,

Recently, it has come to our attention that there has been a string of emails sent to Notaries instructing them to follow a link and use their login credentials to gain access to signing, implying that they are associated with Notary Café. We want to assure you that Notary Café is not connected with these emails in any way.

Our developers have already instituted some additional security elements to help limit access from users outside the United States, where these emails appear to have originated from. As the internet matures, “phishing” schemes are becoming more common and complicated, and we appreciate you letting us and others in our community know when they occur. To help with this conversation we have created a Phishing/Scams topic in the Notary Café Support room.

We are also considering more visible changes and would like to get your input on them. To deter unwanted solicitations, we are considering hiding your address, email, and phone numbers completely from the public view. Doing so will then require someone attempting to connect with you from Notary Cafe to use the contact form on your profile page which would then require you to reach back out to them via email, text or other contact information they would have left.

We would like to hear your thoughts and concerns with this approach. You can do so by posting a comment in our forums under Notary Café Support’s Phishing/Scams topic.

As a reminder – NEVER OPEN ATTACHMENTS FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES. Whenever you have a concern over the legitimacy of an inquiry, we suggest you contact that company directly and verify the origins of the message.

We look forward to hearing back from.

Thank you,

The Notary Café Support Team

I think that hidden info and a ‘contact form’ would not be a good idea. Schedulers want notary info and whether or not they can accommodate a signing ‘right now’ and I think the wait would do serious harm to this Directory, Schedulers and, ultimately, notaries. These phishing scams have been going on for years and we just have to be more cautious on what we click on. Most of us have our contact info waaaay out there anyway.

I doubt schedulers will find passively waiting for calls to be returned attractive, Mike.

I also just received a text from Notary Nation, which I believe was a subject of a scam in late 2017. Not falling for this one. Too bad. Bhoodnotary

Successful phishing messages, usually represented as being from a well-known company, are difficult to distinguish from authentic messages: a phishing email can include corporate logos and other identifying graphics and data collected from the company being misrepresented. Malicious links within phishing messages are usually also designed to make it appear as though they go to the spoofed organization. To protect against spam mails, spam filters can be used. Generally, the filters assess the origin of the message, the software used to send the message, and the appearance of the message to determine if it’s spam. Occasionally, spam filters may even block emails from legitimate sources, so it isn’t always 100% accurate.

Here is an example of a phishing email. DO NOT CLICK THE GREEN BAR ON THE EMAIL!!
I’ve gotten several of these from different companies. Seems legit at first …But it;'s not !!!

Good Morning,Attached is a secure share-file with the document such as the complete closing package,Deed of Trust and Payoff Statement to be sign.Click on the green bar below and kindly login with your correct email details to review the closing docs and the borrower’s contact details in the loop in any of the domain.

We are willing to pay $175 for the signing.


ShareFile Encrypted Email Service you have received an encrypted message.

Subject: Closing Package

Expires: 08/29/2019
**ViewEncrypted Message **

New to ShareFile? Watch your email for instructions to activate your account before logging in.
This message is protected by state-of-the-art AES 256 bit encryption technology