Scan back to title company and fax to the bank

In the closing I have, I am supposed to scan back the documents. In the documents, there is a mention about fax back to the bank.

Do I have to do both of them? Or the title company do the fax?

Thanks in advance!

Is this for a commercial purchase? They tend to ask too much from the LSA. They are the worst

I had those instructions once…along with a list of docs to be sent - I questioned hiring party and they said no, scanback to them and those other instructions were for title to lender.

Check with hiring party to play it safe.


the more you do without questioning the person that has asked you to do it - the more they try to get you to do.
example - I had over 65 pages in a set of of documents of 150 that were all the tax returns, bank statements, credit card bills and emails and instructions to everyone., a full appraisal etc. so I asked the person who requested scanbacks if I could only send “critical documents” and if you have been a signing agent for any length of time - you know what they are - and they said fine, thats all they needed - you need to question what someone wants you to do - we learned that in school - remember?
and my fee only includes one set of scan backs maybe - if they put that on my confirmation. if they need anything else or change their mind, my fee goes up. I never have had to send two sets - ever in over 20 years
I will admit though, I am no longer equipped to do fax backs - thing of the past.

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It’s rare to faxback the docs. It’s not cost effective for most companies to keep a fax machine.

Usually you just scan to the title company as they want to look over the documents and catch any errors first. I believe the fax to the bank is for the title company. If in doubt, call the company that assigned you the closing. Thats what that middleman is getting paid for or the title company is getting paid for. Chain of command.

No Clue Why!! But they’re still using the Term “Faxbacks” in 2021! But We All Should know This Means Scanbacks!! :slight_smile: