Second Chances

So after having had a bad experience with two of Timios agents, I was contacted by management to continue working with them as how they really enjoyed our business relationship together and they apologized for the incident that took place.Honestly I was baffled.I said sure I would really love that as well as I had done multiple signings with them at this time.So I returned about a month and a half ago and they have really stepped up there game and rates up.Just had to be honest about a positive to negative to positive situation turned out :blush::blush:


quiecet, it is good to hear of a company with good customer service. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you – this is excellent news. That is good business all the way around. Good for Timios management for contacting you to resolve issues. And good for you for sharing with us :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I signed up with Timos a month ago and haven’t received any signings. Is there anything you can recommend I do to start contracting with them??


What are Timios rates now?

I missed an opportunity to work with them because they sent an email. I’m so used to getting text messages that I don’t normally check email for signing opportunities. Lesson learned and glad to hear that they are a reputable company.

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Between 100-200 they are offering really well.

Just reach out again to appy it’s really simple.

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