Serenity Signing Service LLC?

Anyone have any experience with them?

Pleasure to work with. Pays fast !

I have had a few jobs with them - all good experiences, got paid in a timely manner.

I just did a application signing with them, and the job order said no fax or scan backs, after closing finished, now they want scan backs! I think this should be upfront and not an something they add on later. i will NOT work for them again.

They are great to work with. Quick to pay

@KOWALSKI !! That’s an opportunity to ask for more money and renotiate the fee. When life throws you a lemon, Grab some water, jug, sugar and make a lemonade and enjoy !! Look and seek opportunities even in bad situations.

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Im supposed to do a loan app for them soon, do you know how many pages they usually are? This is my first assignment ever :slight_smile:

Ask 25 to 35 $ more , when additional task is involved.

I will echo the comment about them not being up front with the order description. The one and only order I accepted from them was supposed to be an 80 page loan application. One copy, no scans. Order was actually TWO loan applications, a combined 180 pages, and scans only with no shipping.

So, what was your charge? Did you negotiate for a better price?

Hey all, I’ve closed a few and they are great, timely pay too. My only issue was over a year ago I was asked to return for docs that weren’t included the day before, I couldn’t with my schedule and was told “now you cannot return?) I’m sorry I had other closings… since then I’ve not been assigned ever… that’s a long grudge I’d say lol,I’ve worked extremely hard to have a stellar reputation, accurate knowledge and exceptional customer service so that’s ok as I completely respect that being assigned is a choice) I’m also a Christian so to forgive is always my philosophy I try to live by.) Again the company is a good one so def feel good knowing you will be paid for doing a good job)