Shady - NotaryGo

I signed a contract with this company when I started my mobile notary signings in Feb of this year, but their available signings were always WAY too low. Before an incident yesterday, I had had an issue with them like 6 months ago when I was called about a job, I declined because it was far and too low pay, and the woman was practically threatening, saying “I thought you were going to work with us” in a tone of voice just a tad threatening as if I wouldn’t get any more signings if I didn’t accept this crappy one. Still I refused it and as a result was taken off their list of text notifications but still got email offers until about the past month texts resumed. Then 2 days ago I did get a text notification from NotaryGo for Buffalo area, and as usual clicked on the link that always takes you to the details. When I clicked I got an immediate statement saying “you have been assigned to this job” and an IMMEDIATE 2 emails about the job with signer’s full name, address, phone, and confirmation I would get $40. I looked again at the text and realized it stated AFTER the link for details "(click here to book)…Omg how ridiculous and shady! Luckily I had their main number in my contacts and quickly called and stated I was just assigned to a listing that I hadn’t accepted, the woman’s reply was “oh, well, you’re already assigned to this booking in the computer” with a tone of voice that was like “well, you’ve got to do it” - I replied that this was ridiculous, and I was NOT taking this signing, and just take me off your call list, to which she replied “oh, I can’t do that from here.” I was livid. How bad must a company be if they have to coerce and corner someone into their low-paying assignment?! It just blew me away.


It seems like SS think that they employ NSAs. They seem to forget NSAs are independent contractors and can refuse to take an assignment at the NSA discretion. It seems you let them know who is the Boss Lady :star_struck:


I’ve had a few companies try to assign me stuff that I wasn’t willing to accept. I think they are so busy that they are just trying to get it off their assignment list and will do so by any means necessary. Not fair to us and I hope notaries are standing up for themselves. Today I had a horrible experience with a well-regarded signing service (owned directly by the title company). Their customer service rep was refusing to remove me from a signing that I had to graciously give back (4 days before the signing) because the borrower called me back to let me know his street is being repaved and I would likely have to park at least a mile from his residence. Um… walk a mile, in heels, in a neighborhood full of hills, and in the dark (8PM signing)? NOPE! It isn’t the safest area to begin with but, even if it was, I don’t get paid enough to walk a mile to and a mile back to my car in heels to do a job. On top of everything else, our air quality in California has been very poor due to fires so it is not good to walk like that. The agent was arguing with me that I needed to tell the borrower to cancel the signing so I can be removed - NO!!! You are going to take me off!

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NotaryGo is blocked on my cell phone and sent to spam in my email. Worst company to do jobs for. Your time is worth more than $40 and an attitude.


Yes, they are always pushy, rude etc. I had them do this to me before too, and got the same treatment when I said I would not do their signing. They always lowball

Wow that’s ridiculous, how maddening!